The reason I prefer Panini Brazil to JBC

I like Panini Brazil because they put color ilustrations at the back of the cover of their normal mangas, all of their current mangas have it's cover filled with a color ilustration or the original "turned down page" (I don't know if this is the correct term, it's the word I found at my Longman Dictionary).
These are pictures I took from my Abara, they are made in oriental format but its size is bigger than the japanese (13,7x20cm), I love it because I can appreciate all the details of the manga's art. Some of their mangas are published on 13cmx18cm, I think it's the original size but I'm not sure.


This is the colored art on the back of Sunadokei cover, unfortunately the picture is the same.

In Brazil there's only two other big publishers of manga, Conrad (it's broken and was recently sold for a bigger publisher) and JBC. Only Conrad used to publish deluxe editions (probably the reason of its bankrupt) as usual, Conrad was the only who published mangas with their color pages, but I think Panini is doing a pretty good job, mainly because they keep the lowest price of mangas in Brazil.
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Say NO to Mokona abuse!!

Some funny adaptations of JBC - TRC in Brazil

There's no mistery that I simple hate the brazilian mercenary publisher of mangas JBC, my bigger reason for that are the stupid adaptations, big prices and mostly because they split tankohons to increase they their profits, their tankohons cost 10,90R$ and their meio-tankos(half-tankohon) cost 6,90R$ (13,80R$ as final price once two of them are equivalent to one).

e about anime/mangá and the most of audience choose for Shoran as the "correct" adaptation.

Fay's name was changed into Phi, their excuse wasthat his name means Phi, the greek letter. I never heard anything about it before.
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Doumeki munch

Clamp no kiseki - scans

Today I wasn't  occupied at work at all, so I took advantage of it and scanned the Clamp no Kiseki 10 and 11 I bought last year, I hope you like it ^^.

Sorry about the bad quality, I tried my best but it was my first time scanning xD

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Blood Ace

In a mourning

I really don't know what to think. 
I am in a shock, I really don't care about the Sakura we follow all this time being a Clone, I mind it. What really annoyed me was this stupid death, she is a clone okay, I loved she anyway being a rel Sakura or a clone. Actually, I really started liking her more because she was a clone and for all this long time we never knew it (of course a thousand of different theorys spot into my mind, but...), but in this fuckin damn chapter she dies and she even couldn't say to Syaoran Clone that she loves him... Wow it's worse than SeishirouxSubaru relationship, at least they had a reason to not confess they real fellings...
I'm sad for Sakura death, a so stupid/trivial/dumbass death... 
I hope very much that Clampgirls know what they are doing now, I don't want to see another story paralized because they lost the sequence of the story because of random ideas.

Sakura... u_u

Blood Ace

Starting it finally

  Finalmente dei o braço a torcer e resolvi criar um livejournal porque não agüentava mais ficar bloqueado nos livejournals da vida. Então vamos ver se essa P**** dá certo ao contrário dos blogs que nunca foram adiante por falta de saco e de quórum.

  Finally I relized the need of a Livejournal, I couldn't stand being blocked of the really important Livejournals that contains the impotant information and links that I need. 
So, let's wait and see if this damn thing will work or not opposed to the blogs I have created that never worked for lack of patience or for missing quorum.

*This is the first time I write in English, sooooooooooo be patient with me.*
** I had help of Yamihakkai with the English**

I luv this song sooo much

It's still Chistmas soooooooooooooo Merry X-mas for all!!